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ISO Float Center

Float it out at the ISO Float Center

Disconnect from the chaotic world and reconnect with your deepest self through the practice of floating.

Float weightlessly, and effortlessly in warm saltwater.

Float with guided meditation, music, or float without for a minimal sensory experience of self-discovery.

Improve health, personal development, spirituality, and well-being.

Safe, zero-impact, and quite possibly the most relaxing thing you will ever do.

Introductory, and multi-float discount rates available

Lindsey Jane Photography


Open Daily 10am - 10pm.

Sessions may be booked online, or by calling.

More About this Place: Flotation Therapy, or floating is undertaken by floating in a fully enclosed, warm, saltwater float pod. The float pod is filled with hundreds of pounds of pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt). The high salt content increases the buoyancy of the water allowing the user to float weightlessly and effortlessly on the surface. The float pod is designed to minimize sensory input promoting a deep, euphoric state of relaxation. This highly relaxed state has been found to have numerous benefits and applications for improved health, personal development, spirituality, and well-being.